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I have examined your “First Steps in Pianoforte-Study,” and find it a work that will appeal to all up-to-date musicians as a remarkable and valuable work to teachers and pupils alike.—E. Bovard.

I thank you for the careful and prompt filling of our orders; when our other supply-houses fail, very frequently the house of Theodore Presser shows the faculty of hunting up the desired pieces.—Aug. Rottenbach.

Please send me another copy of “First Steps in Pianoforte-Study.” I have been using the book for several months, and find it most satisfactory.—Mrs. D. C. Peter man.

Your “First Steps in Pianoforte-Study” is just the thing. It is that rara avis I have long been looking for: a good graded book for beginners.—G. W. Fullwood.

I have received the “Key to Clarke’s Harmony,” and am very much pleased with it. If properly used, it takes the place of the expensive teacher.—J. Henry Gilchrist.

I have received your edition of Bach’s Inventions, and find it superior to all others. I inclose an order for more copies.—Francis A. Mills.

I consider Bach’s Inventions, edited by Mr. Preston Ware Orem, the ideal edition, and am sure it will commend itself to all piano teachers.—G. Knoth.

I have received the work, “Loeschhorn Selected Studies,” and find them to be all or more than you claim for them; there is not an uninteresting one in either book.—G. D. Atherton.

I have received Mendelssohn’s “Songs Without Words,” and find it an excellent edition of this popu­lar work; very clear and correct.—S. A. Wolff.

Your arrangement of sending supplies to remote corners is excellent. I have spent many hours in music-stores, selecting; now I can do it at home. —Mrs. A. S. Mosher.

The Etude is getting better all the time. Each succeeding number seems to eclipse the previous one in offering advice to the teacher and inspiration to the pupil.—Stanley Keast.

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