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Selected Content from the January 1897 Edition of The Etude

    Special Notices

    Notices for this column inserted at 3 cents a word for one insertion, payable in advance. Copy must be received by the 20th of the previous month to insure publication in the next number. MISS CAROLINE MABEN, PIANISTE AND COM-poser,… Read More

    Questions & Answers.

    Una Corda means one string, which on grand pianos means to use soft pedal. The action, when the foot is placed on soft pedal moves to one side, so that hammer strikes one string instead of three. Read More

    Musical Items.

    Sickness and death have wrought serious havoc of late in the musical realm. Frau Klafsky, Campanini, and Mr. William Steinway, the greatest manufacturer of pianos the world has known, have recently passed into the land beyond the veil. Max Alvary and Brahms are slowly dying of painful and incurable maladies, and Moritz Rosenthal is still suffering from the effects of his serious attack of typhoid fever. Read More

    Music In Its Relation To Health.

    The danger of blindness that is incurred by the great composers and conductors (Bach and Handel are the most prominent names in this unfortunate category) is chiefly incurred because of the abnormal use of the eye in reading orchestral and organ music. Let the reader of this article attempt to view the contents of six or eight lines simultaneously and he will have a faint idea of the difficulties connected with score-reading and the strain put upon the eyes of a conductor. Read More

    One of Bob’s Tramps.

    For an instant he stood before the door, bent low with unspoken apologies; then placing his hat on the floor, he fumbled nervously in the breast pocket of his coat, from which he drew a letter, penned in an unknown hand and signed with an unknown name. Bob read it, and passed it to me. Read More

    Portraits of Great Musicians

    Read More

    The Musical Listener.

    “How did Liszt teach you?” said I. “Can you sift down his method into a tangible form?” Read More

    Wanted—A New System of Musical Notation.

    BY C. L. CAPEN. Few musicians are to any extent reconciled to the prevailing system of musical notation. It is a system no less complex than incongruous against which a true indictment of many counts might be drawn; yet, while… Read More

    That First Lesson.

    Oh! that first music lesson from a new teacher, how alarming it is! One goes into the room shivering and shaking, and feeling all arms and legs; one’s fingers won’t play a bit; one’s ideas all fly to the winds, and one feels such an idiot in consequence. Read More

    Pianism According To Modern Requirements.

    It is with particular reference to the “musical meaning” that I wish to speak. A piano player possessing the gift of interpreting a work esthetically will have invariably the undivided attention of the better part of his audience, while practically a deaf ear will be turned to the one not having this requirement. Read More

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