The Etude
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Selected Content from the November 1903 Edition of The Etude

    The Eben D. Jordan Organ in the New England Conservatory of Music

    A new organ, the gift of Mr. Eben D. Jordan, was opened in the New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, the latter part of September. This instrument was built by the Hutchings-Votey Organ Company, and contains fifty speaking stops, fifteen… Read More

    Women As Organ Builders

    The lack of technical training for girls was once more exemplified to me when I had the pleasure lately of calling on Miss Wedlake to see her beautiful work in organ building, writes Mrs. Greenwood, in The Queen. It is really sad, when one realizes the enormous number of female workers who overcrowd certain professions, to discover how close shut is the door to so many which are indisputably within the range of the physical strength and capabilities of the average woman. Read More

    Musical Items

    The house in which Beethoven died, the so-called Schwarzspanierhaus, formerly a cloister—the monks who lived there being called Schwarzspanier—is to be torn down to make room for a modern building. It is expected that a memorial tablet will be placed on the new building to mark the site of the house in which the great composer paid the debt of Nature… Mr. John Philip Sousa makes the prediction that “rag-time has come to stay.” Perhaps it may; but the average musician feels sure that the so-called popular successes can have but an ephemeral vogue. “Rag-time” may stay in some form, but not one of the typical “rag-time favorites” will be recognized as worthy a permanent place in a musical repertoire. They may appear on programs fifty years hence as a curiosity. Read More

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