The Etude
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Selected Content from the March 1915 Edition of The Etude

    A Study of Studies Old and New

    Sitting not so long ago in the company of two wise men of music, one of them asked me: “Which fingers do you trill with?” I was so startled that I did not answer. His companion, a younger pundit, told me how he trilled, and being pressed I simply answered, Irish-like, with another question: “Why should anyone trill at all?” Perhaps this shed some light upon the subject of the hand in modern piano-playing. Read More

    World of Music

    A portable piano that can be packed up about the size of a rather large suitcase is the latest invention …. Elbert Hubbard says “If a man calls himself a Bulgo-American, shoot him in the hyphen” … It is reported that Raoul Gunsbourg, the director of the Monte Carlo Opera, so dislikes the German syllable at the end of his name that he intends to change it to Gunsgrad … Bernhard Stavenhagen, one of the most noted of the later pupils of Franz Liszt died at Geneva, Dec. 27th, 1915 …. Word has just been received from France that Martinus Everardus Christiaan Kriens has been killed at the front. Read More

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