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Selected Content from the July 1910 Edition of The Etude

    The Etude Gallery of Musical Celebrities

    THEODORE SPIERING. Spiering was born at St. Louis, Mo., in 1871, and showed aptitude for the violin at an early age. His first teacher was his father, but in 1886 he was sent to Henry Schradieck in Cincinnati, Ohio. He... Read More

    A Short Sketch of Music in America - By JAMES FRANCIS COOKE

    Musical History is really an extremely interesting subject when the matter is presented in a thoroughly understandable manner. The object of the work of which the following is one of forty story lessons is to make the subject of musical history accessible to the beginner and at the same time inviting and inspiring. The work is designed for adults as well as young people, the only distinction being its simplicity and popular style. Read More

    Useful Recital Music

    Pupils of Mrs. Imogen Avis Palmer, Miss Ella Sieber, Miss Ella G. Pearce, Frederick A. Williams, Mrs. P. A. Sheen, Miss Frances Yount, Sacks’ School of Music, Ida Furman-Mulliner, and Mrs. Carolyn Ford. Read More

    The World of Music

    A contemporary journal reports the death of Benjamin Cutter, a well-known Boston musician and educator… A well-known figure in New York band circles has passed away in the person of Luciano G. Conterno. He came from France when a child, and was made bandmaster of the Old Guard in 1882… Mr. Alvah Glover Salmon, the well-known pianist and authority on Russian music, has just closed a very successful season, playing under the auspices of large clubs, musical organizations and colleges… The Clutsam Piano Keyboard, with its bowed arrangement of the keys, as distinguished from the straight keyboard, has been introduced in the Royal conservatories of Berlin, Vienna, Moscow, Hague, Munich and Stuttgardt. Read More

    The Etude Educational Cartoons

    Picture Object Lessons that show at a glance why some teachers and why some pupils fail to succeed.  DOES "BOHEMIANISM" PAY? There is really no reason why the office of the musician should not be as neat, as orderly… Read More

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