The Etude
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Selected Content from the April 1903 Edition of The Etude

    Recital Programs

    Pupils of Perley Dunn Aldrich.Compositions by Mr. Arthur Foote: Sonata in G Minor, A Song from the Persian, The Eden Rose, Sweet is True Love, Roumanian Song, In Picardie, Love’s Philosophy, Autumn, Memnon; Suite in C Minor, First Movement; To… Read More

    Home Notes.

    Edward Baxter Perry returned March 3d from a trip of forty dates in the Gulf States, having played eighty-five lecture-recitals since the concert season opened. He will make a trip through the Middle and New England States during this month. Read More

    Special Notices

    YOUNG ARTIST (CONCERT-PIANIST), PUPIL OFIsidore Seips (Cologne), A. de Greef (Brussels), and Mauritz Leefson (Philadelphia) wishes a position as an instructor at a fashionable institute or conservatory. Address: J. L., care of Etude. AN EXPERIENCED TEACHER WHO HAS RECEIVEDa thorough… Read More

    Questions and Answers

    A young pupil, seven years of age, possessing such unusual talent and having made such rapid progress as you describe should be handled with extreme care. In the case of such a pupil many important technical points may be overlooked in the natural desire to advance the pupil which might later develop into grave faults. Do not proceed too hastily and do everything thoroughly and well. Read More


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    Musical Items

    A memorial to Sir Arthur Sullivan was unveiled in St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, last month. A German exchange, in praising the playing of Godowsky, calls him “The American pianist.” The latest report about Paderewski is that he has sold his… Read More

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