The Etude
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Selected Content from the June 1917 Edition of The Etude

    The World of Music

    It is reported that Boito’s opera, “Nerone” (Nero), is approaching production at Milan. …. The London Musical News reports that the noted French composer Maurice Ravel was wounded at Verdun and is now recuperating in a military hospital in Paris. …. A Society has recently been established in Moscow in memory of the great Russian modern composer, Scriabine. …. Musical possibilities of the wireless telephone are being developed by Dr. De Forest, at his laboratories at High Bridge. New York. Read More

    Musical Questions Answered

    Sometimes I am bewildered by finding fingering marks now above the notes and then below the notes. What is the significance of fingering marks in different positions? …. Please tell me something about the Saxophone which seems to be coming into such general use in combination with the piano, mandolin, banjo, violin and ‘cello in small orchestras seen at dances and in restaurants. …. What does “Andante Spianato” mean? Read More

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