The Etude
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Selected Content from the December 1891 Edition of The Etude

    Special Notices.

    THE musical library of the late Dr. Louis L. Ritter, of Vassar College, is catalogued and offered for sale as a whole only. Address Louis Ritter, 264 Boylston Street, Boston, Mass. Read More

    Editorial Notes.

    Amateurs are a most valuable factor in an art, when they keep themselves from encroaching on the field rightly held by professional artists. An amateur musician is out of his place when he spends his days in an office, store, bank, etc., and plays an organ on Sunday for a salary that should be given to a professional musician, for he gets his subsistence from his clerkship, and the musician from his music. Read More

    Types In the Concert Room.

    Among students the most severely critical are those who, living remote from the influence of the concert room, are guided solely by the ideas of their teachers or their own too often distorted views on interpretation; the most appreciative and discriminating those living in the larger towns where opportunity is constantly offered and improved for hearing not only the best, but the various pianists. Read More

    Worthy of Comment. Music by Telephone.

    I once spent a large share of the night with a telephone operator at Worcester, and know that there are many pleasant things connected with the business. Generally after twelve o’clock the calls are few and far between, coming chiefly from the newspapers and doctors. It is the custom of some of the operators to make the circuit of several places and tell funny stories. Read More

    Musical Items.

    After a phenomenal European success, Paderewski made his brilliant American debut in New York on Nov. 17th. He played Saint-Saens’ G minor concerto, his own concertos, and several Chopin numbers. Read More

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