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Selected Content from the January 1921 Edition of The Etude


    Behind the Scenes The success of many ventures is due to the silent workers behind the scenes. The inspiration for some of the greatest masterpieces of music has come from men who are themselves forgotten. The excellent Italian musical periodical… Read More

    The World of Music.

    Granados, the Spanish composer who perished on the Sussex, carried his entire fortune of $6,000 in his belt, which, by the way, had been earned in America. Gallito, the Spanish bull fighter, recently left $2,000,000… Christoffer Hannevig, Norwegian-American capitalist and ship owner, has of¬fered a new opera house on the American plan to Christiania, Norway… Moritz Jaffé, the 85-year-old Berlin composer, has recently revived his operas Ekkehard and Das Kätchen von Heilbroun. Read More

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