The Etude
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Selected Content from the October 1897 Edition of The Etude

    Questions and Answers

    Uneven blowing is bad for the organ, and few organ blowers ever learn to blow with intelligence. They generally blow rapidly and roughly till the bellows are full, then stop until they run almost down, then pump them full with rapid jerks again. Furthermore, power blowing is much cheaper. Read More

    Recollections of Gottschalk

    BY JOHN FRANCIS GILDER. I have heard many pianists of note, dating back into the "forties," beginning with Henry Herz, and extending through to Paderewski. Of the entire number, I consider Thalberg, Gottschalk, and Rubinstein the three greatest. Each possessed… Read More

    Infants at the Piano

    LOUIS C. ELSON. If there is anything that can turn the milk of human kindness sour in the bosom of the mildest of musicians, it is to have the children at the summer hotel get at the innocent, unoffending piano, and… Read More

    Musical Items

    HOME. MR. S. BECKER Y. GRABILL has opened a conservatory of music in Lancaster, Pa. AUGUST HYLLESTED, the great Danish pianist, will make a concert tour through Canada in the early fall. PROFESSOR E. VON ADELUNG, formerly of East… Read More

    On the Virtues of India-Rubber.

    Now, a bit of india-rubber used by my teacher at the proper time would save all that, and really, after toiling and moiling as I do, plodding through a piece for weeks and weeks and practicing my hardest, I do n’t like to be made to feel small. Read More

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