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Selected Content from the July 1911 Edition of The Etude

    The Etude Gallery of Musical Celebrities

    The Story Of The Gallery In February, 1909, THE ETUDE commenced the first of this series of portrait-biographies. The idea, which met with immediate and enormous appreciation, was an original project created in THE ETUDE offices and is entirely unlike... Read More

    Useful Recital Music

    Pupils of Miss Watkin.Prelude in C sharp Minor, Rachmaninoff; Wedding Procession, Grieg; Rustle of Spring, Sinding; Minuet, Boccherini; Humoresque, Dvorak; Mazurka, Bohm; Polonaise, Chopin; Nocturne, Chopin; Minuet, Seeboeck; Valse, Godard; Moto Perpetuo, Raff; Marche in D flat, Hollander; Impromptu in… Read More

    The Only Real Help

    The Etude is now starting what its editors consider one of the most important works it has yet undertaken. This is a campaign to help those who are trying to help themselves. Read More

    The Fruits of Thrift

    A dollar—what is it? ‘A piece of paper,’ says one. No, more than that. Read More

    Buying a Piano

    Our attention has been continually called to various schemes to induce unsuspecting purchasers to buy worthless pianos. Read More

    Musical Thought And Action In Europe

    This is a strong plea for the subjective in program music which modern composers would do well to heed. Strauss, and with him Nicodé and Ritter, have led the world too far into the objective field. When music tries to picture definite objects or events it is always at its weakest. Read More

    The Closing of a Great Career - Gustav Mahler

    THE death of Gustav Mahler, on May 18, in Vienna, was a shock to the entire musical world. A biography of this great composer-director was given in the May issue of THE ETUDE in connection with what was doubtless his last statement of musical consequence. Read More

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