The Etude
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Selected Content from the May 1912 Edition of The Etude

    Great Pianists at the Keyboard. Series I. A Lesson in Position.

    Franz Liszt. Dr. William Mason. Josef Hofmann. Harold Bauer. Mrs. Fannie Bloomfield-Zeisler. Freeucio Busoni. Read More

    Too Difficult Music

    By J. M. Baldwin.   The number of pupils studying music throughout the United States is increasing every year and with the growing demand for study there is a corresponding increase in the number of teachers, many of whom… Read More

    The “Married Woman” Pupil

    By Maggie Wheeler Ross.   Some one must teach the married woman pupil. Who is there among us brave enough to specialize on this somewhat unpromising class of students? For unquestionably if we would have the full measure of… Read More

    The Psychology of Blunders

    By Mary G. Martin   From the beginning of history nothing has been less disputed than the fact that offenses are bound to come. It is also true that there is "Woe to him by whom the offense cometh."… Read More

    From Beethoven to Wagner

    Third and Last Article in the Extremely Interesting Series upon The Ten Most Important Epochs in Musical History   By PROF. HERMANN RITTER Of the Royal Conservatory at Wurzburg   THE PERSONIFICATION OF THE BEST IN MUSIC.   And now… Read More

    Musical Taste in Modern Times

    By the Distinguished French Master CLAUDE DEBUSSY.   The sense for the mysterious is gradually disappearing in these days in consequence of the irrepressible desire to prove everything, to explain everything; yet there is something which will always remain mysterious—and… Read More

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