The Etude
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Selected Content from the August 1911 Edition of The Etude

    Etude Gallery of Musical Celebrities

    CARL AUGUST PETER CORNELIUS.(Kor-nay'-le-oos.) Cornelius was born at Mayence, Germany, December 24, 1824, where he died, October 26, 1874. His failure as an actor caused him to turn his attention to music, and though his training was incomplete, he soon... Read More

    Left Hand Music.

    Though music written for one hand alone may so impress a child, as Schumann suggests, it is possible to compose very creditably for a single hand. The reason that the left hand is thus chosen is obvious. While there is generally plenty of work for the right hand in most piano compositions, there is often not so much for the left hand to do. Read More

    Rossini The Humorist

    Rossini was the prince of humorists among composers. The good stories told of him would fill a small volume and I wonder that no writer has thought of bringing them together under one cover. Read More

    Raoul Pugno - Chopin, The Pre-Eminent Genius Of The Pianoforte

    Until his time, Etudes were but irksome means of acquiring technic. Chopin preserved their incontestable technical utility, but communicated to them such a musical quality that they have become magnificent tone poems of enormous variety, traversing the entire scale of human passions, from the peace ineffable expressed in the Etude in E major to the heroic enthusiasm of that in C minor. Read More

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