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Selected Content from the June 1914 Edition of The Etude

    Olga Samaroff - Concentration in Music Study

    “The subject of concentration in music study has been discussed so many times that it would seem well nigh impossible to say anything about it approaching novelty. Yet, concentration is a matter of such great consequence to all students, particularly music students, that there are few artists who would hesitate to place it at the very foundation of all serious work.” Read More

    Carl Koelling - 1831-1914

    The death of Carl Koelling took place on Sunday evening, May 3d. Mr. Koelling has written a great number of pieces which have been well liked by innumerable readers of The Etude. The deepest sympathies of all will go out… Read More

    Paolo Giorza - 1838-1914

    News, comes from Seattle of the death of Paolo Giorza, the distinguished composer of masses, ballets, etc. He was born in Dezio, near Milan, 1838, and first studied music with his father, Luigi Giorza, a noted grand opera baritone of… Read More

    World of Music

    AT HOME   The tour of the Chicago Opera Company is reported to have resulted in a loss of $180,000.   Puccini is said to be negotiating for the operatic rights in The Darling of the Gods.   The… Read More

    Hans Engelmann. 1872 - 1914

    Composers, like poets, are born and not made. It is possible, of course, for a man to go through an elaborate course of harmony, counterpoint, musical form, etc., and at the end of the course to be able to write music that is “well constructed” and blameless from a theoretical point of view. There are thousands of Doctors of Music in the world to whom the writing of such music is a simple matter. But natural musicians are more rare. Read More

    An Appreciation of Contemporary Music: Claude Debussy

    “Interviewers have often ascribed to me surprising things which I greatly marveled to read. It is often difficult to say much upon the subject of contemporary music. Events are accumulating with incredible speed, and to try to focus them is often to strive after impossibilities. At the point actually reached by musical art, who could make a choice between the many diverging roads that composers follow? The task is distressingly puzzling.” Read More

    An Interesting Aspect of the Romances of Frederic Chopin.

    By BEULAH WINTON SICKLES   Much has been said about Chopin's love affairs, but the truth is he was never really in love in his life. He had many infatuations but preferred his dreams and ideals of the beautiful… Read More

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