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    Children's Page, Conducted by Thomas Tapper - December, 1901

      A MOZART EVENING. One of the most delightful phases of Mozart's life was his strong attachment to his home, especially in childhood years. He loved his father and mother, learned his sister Nannerl's lessons, was proud of her talent,... Read More

    The Lesson of the Pansies. - May, 1902

    BY MAY CRAWFORD. To-day Minnie came with a frown so big that it seemed to cover her whole face; there was even danger of its spreading to mine. Her first words were: “Do I have to take a lesson to-day?”... Read More

    Musical Childhood. - May, 1902

    From the German. BY WALDEMAR MALMENE. As A solid foundation is of the utmost importance to a building without which the superstructure would be a failure, so are also the first years of musical in­struction to children of tender years.... Read More

    An Interval Lesson. I. - May, 1902

    An Interval Lesson. I. Rule: When the upper of the two tones is in the Major Scale of the lower, the interval is Major or Perfect; Major if its number be 2, 3, 6, 7, or 9; Perfect if its... Read More

    What to Learn in the Biography of a Composer. - May, 1902

      1. The main facts of his life.  2. The conditions about him. 3. The names of his greatest  works. 4. The positions he filled. 5. What these positions in­spired him to do. 6. The usual and unusual about the... Read More

    The Victor Hugo Celebration. - May, 1902

    At the recent Victor Hugo celebration in Paris children participated to no small extent. What was declared to be the prettiest item in the exercises occurred when twelve hundred school-children marched past the statue two by two, the little ones... Read More

    A Lesson On Bach - May, 1902

    Said by Bach.—No one should play who cannot think in music.               I am what I am because I was industrious. Whoever is equally in­dustrious will succeed as well. My idea is that music... Read More

    The Etude Clubs. - May, 1902

    Several Etude Clubs have been  formed; some correspondence from secretaries is given here which is self-explanatory. Though it is late in the season to inaugurate a year’s series of meet­ings, it is by no means too late to institute a... Read More

    Memory Gems. - May, 1902

    Music is the outflow of a  beautiful mind.—Robert Schu­mann. Perfection should be the aim of every true artist. —L. van Beethoven. Always play as if the eye of a master were upon you.—Robert Schumann. Learn all there is to learn,... Read More

    Musicians Born in May. - May, 1902

    May 4. B. Cristofori. May 7. Johannes Brahms. May 8. L. M. Gottschalk. May 9. Giovanni Paisiello. May 10. Claude Joseph Rouget de l’Isle. May 12. Jules Massenet. May 13. Sir Arthur Sullivan. May 15. Stephen Heller. May 18. Carl... Read More

    Children's Page - March, 1904

    A NEW FORM OF PIANISM. A certain person sent her little girl to me for lessons; on one occasion I called on the parent to insist on the practicing, when I was informed that Mr. "so and so, who... Read More

    Children's Page - March, 1904

    The best musical food for children is found in melodious exercises, characteristic pieces of one or two pages in length, national melodies, pleasant dance music, indeed, anything that promotes cheerfulness and excites interest and pleasure.—E. Pauer.   MUSICIANS BORN IN... Read More

    What Musical Instruments Are Concealed In These Pictures? - March, 1906

       ... Read More

    Music and Childhood - July, 1906

    Music and Childhood - An Illustration Read More

    How A Favorite Hymn Was Written - July, 1906

    The young readers of The Etude will be pleased to read about the making of that much-loved hymn, "In The Sweet Bye and Bye." Read More

    Let the Children Sing. - July, 1906

    The directors of children's classes should make vocal music a feature of the club work. Simple little pieces, solos, unison choruses, motion songs, staged or unstaged, are delightful features of the work possible for all teachers to introduce. Read More

    A Pleasant Class Review. - July, 1906

    Often a teacher wishes to review the work of the year in musical history only to find that the words "review and examination" are not pleasant in the ears of her students. Here is a plan I have tried and found very helpful, and at the same time a delightful way to spend the Club afternoon. Read More

    Sisters of Great Composers - Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel. - July, 1906

    The two children, she the elder by nearly four years, had the same musical training, first from their mother and later from a number of excellent teachers, among them the severe Zelter, the friend of Goethe, who taught them composition. They went hand in hand. Read More

    A New Piano for Children. - July, 1906

    It has frequently been objected, and with much justice, that it is barbarous to make young children practice for any length of time on the piano. In general, practicing ends in exhausting the child both physically and mentally. If, however, it is desired to have the child study the piano, practice is necessary, and as far as possible this requirement should be met. These considerations are the basis of an article by Prof. Zabludowski in a recent number of the Blätter für Volksgesundheitspflege of Berlin. Read More

    A Program for School Children. Correlating the Study of Music With That of Geography. - July, 1906

    Much has been said and written on the subject of correlating the study of music with the other school studies, with geography, history, nature studies, etc. Every school principal is in favor of the idea, some even enthusiastic over it, but always this argument has been brought against it--it means more work for the school teacher. Read More

    Sepperl The Drummer Boy - July, 1906

    In the May and June issues of THE ETUDE we gave two short sketches relating incidents in the early career of Haydn. The present instalment takes him to Vienna as a member of the choir of the Cathedral, and shows the sad state in which he lived at the beginning of his professional career. Read More

    On Christmas Giving and Holiday Practice. - December, 1908

    Just think what a good time you can have, and how much joy you can give to others by going together very early on this morning that "Sees December turned to May, when the chilly winter's morn smiles like a field beset with corn," by going together, a merry, holly-laden little group, singing before the homes of your friends, and especially, I hope, before the door of anyone whom you know to be lonely, and perhaps sad, on this good day. Read More

    A Dream Letter From Robert Schumann - June, 1910

    BY ALETHEA B. CRAWFORD COX AND ALICE CHAPIN. [Editor's Note.—Some years ago Mrs. Cox completed a book entitled "Letters from Great Musicians" and the success of this book inspired her to write a second series of letters, in collaboration... Read More

    A Dream Letter From Frederic Chopin. - August, 1910

    I was born in a little village near Warsaw in the year 1809. Two children had already been born to my parents, and a fourth came to them a few years later, but I was the only son. While I was very young, my parents moved to Warsaw. The village in which I was born belonged to the Countess Sharbek, whose son, my father's pupil, stood God-father for me, and gave me his name of Frederic. Read More

    Puzzle:--Famous Pieces in Thumbnail Pictures - October, 1914

       ... Read More

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