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Selected Content from the July 1902 Edition of The Etude

    Edward Macdowell on the Relation of Music and Poetry

    Mr. Macdowell, for he prefers this simple mode of address to that of either professor or doctor, to both of which he is entitled, is firm in his opinions, frank in expressing them, impatient of mediocrity, and unflinching in the holding fast of his ideals. In common with most sensitive and intellectual people, he has two distinct sides to his character, that which the world knows and that which shows only to his friends. Read More

    Borodine’s Account of Liszt’s Playing

    As late as 1877, when Liszt was about sixty-six years of age, the Russian composer, Borodine, had the good luck of hearing him at a concert given in Jena, where something of Liszt’s was produced. After speaking of Liszt’s conducting,… Read More

    My Opus I

    PHILIPP SCHARWENKA - I AM to tell about my first work, and to do so must go back to the Second Punic War, which, in my recollection, is connected so closely with the composing of my first work. Read More

    How to Study.

    A London periodical called the Music Student, and bear­ing on its title-page the grave announcement that it is “a scholastic musical monthly for professor and pupil,” is presenting to its readers, in instalments, an article entitled: “The Secret of the… Read More

    The Rode Studies (Continued).

    The unreliability of tempo marks is clearly proven by the tempo in­dicated for the fifth Caprice in the Vieuxtemps edition. Rode desired that this Caprice be played in a moderate tempo; but even though he had failed to give the… Read More

    Dreams and Realities.

    This is the time of year when Europe-mad students are either feverishly strapping their trunks or sighing for the blissful au­tumn day when they shall set foot on the shores of the Fatherland. For Germany—by which is meant Berlin, of… Read More

    Questions and Answers

    E. C.—When a perfect fifth is altered by lowering the upper note or raising the lower, the resulting interval is called a diminished fifth; by some writers the term “imperfect” fifth is recommended. There is no such term as “minor”… Read More

    Home Notes.

    Edward Baxter Perry has completed his season of a hundred lecture-recitals and will be located for the summer months at his cottage at Camden, Maine. He will complete during leisure this summer his book of fifty descriptive analyses of pianoforte compositions, to be published by Theo. Presser, under the title of “Interpretation of Piano-Music.” Read More

    Musical Items

    An association has been formed in Poland to bring Chopin’s ashes to his native land. He was buried in Paris, in Pére Lachaise Cemetery. Mr. James Huneker, the well-known writer and critic, has begun a new work, to be called “Franz Liszt: His Art and His Times.” A music-building is to be erected on Holmes Field, Cambridge, for the music-students of Harvard College, at an expense of $75,000. A large concert-hall equipped with a pipe-organ is to be one of the features. Read More

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