The Etude
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Selected Content from the January 1903 Edition of The Etude

    Special Notices

    AN EXPERIENCED TEACHER, WHO HAS RECEIVED a thorough musical education abroad, wishes a position as teacher of piano and harmony in school or college. Address E. J. D., care Etude.   HARMONY BY MAIL.—ATTENTION IS INVITED TO the ad.,… Read More

    The Three Fields of Labor.

    It is true enough that happiness is not easily found in orchestral life. Nor is the material compensation adequate for long years of toil and devotion to one’s art. Neither is the teacher’s life a bed of fragrant roses. But both the teacher and the orchestra player can, if they but try, make life less dismal and profitless than they usually succeed in making it. Read More

    Another Invention.

    Another device has been added to the long list of inventions intended to improve the fiddle of the present day. It is called “The Grienauer Diagonal Tension.” Its inventor, Mr. Grienauer, is a violoncellist residing in New York. Read More

    Mr. Jaroslav Kocian’s Art.

    What are the virtues of Mr. Jaroslav Kocian’s art that have so entranced his European admirers? We have made a most conscientious effort to discover these virtues, but the more carefully we have listened to the young Bohemian the more thoroughly we have been impressed with the absurdity of European opinion. The European critics who have hysterically sung his praises have led us to believe that, musically and instrumentally, he is Jan Kubelik’s superior. But we have long since discovered the true worth of the European critic’s opinion. His authority is rapidly waning, and in the very near future his drivel will be utterly disregarded on this side of the Atlantic. Read More

    The Rode Studies. The Twentieth Caprice.

    In this study, and in all compositions of a similar character and tempo, the pupil will always find it advisable to count the eighths instead of the quarters. It should never be imagined that such a course is a confession… Read More

    Questions & Answers

    Ambiguity is not a musical term. In its general meaning of “lack of clearness” it might apply to the harmonies of a piece as not indicating clearly the key… Kammenoi-Ostrow is the name of a fashionable watering place near St. Petersburg. The set of pieces by Rubinstein, of this name, purport to be tone portraits of different persons that the composer met at that place. Read More

    Recital Programs

    Pupils of Miss Celia Grover.Postillion d’Amour (4 hands), Op. 221, Behr. Fairy Whispers, Krogmann. Tanzweise, Op. 28, Meyer-Helmund. Through Field and Forest (4 hands), Sartorio. Merry Bobolink, Op. 15, Krogmann. Chanson des Alps (Fantasie), Ryder. Invitation to the Dance (6… Read More

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