The Etude
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Selected Content from the August 1906 Edition of The Etude

    Musical Items.

    A great niece of Franz Liszt, Charlotte Liszt by name, has made her debut in Paris as a singer. Read More

    Home Notes.

    The Monroe School of Music gave its seventeenth annual concert June 15. The Monroe Symphony Orchestra, Mr. A. W. Gale, director, assisted. The Annual Concert of the Silliman Collegiate Institute gave its annual concert June 11. Miss L. L. Topping… Read More

    Questions and Answers

    Two volumes of the new edition of Grove’s Dictionary of Music are ready, going through the letter L. A third will shortly be published. While even now there are many errors, and omissions, some ridiculous apportioning of space, etc., the book is nevertheless indispensable. The expense of the book, however, places it beyond the reach of many. For a general history covering much the same period, of the development of music Baltzell’s History of Music is one of the most practical and helpful books ever published. Read More

    Recital Programs

    Pupils of Columbia Conservatory of Music. O’ Thou Beloved Evening Star, Wagner; German Triumphal March, Kunkel; Adoration (Violin), Borowski; Mona (Vocal), Adams; Seguidilla, Bohm; La Papillon, Lavallée; Midsummer Night Dream, Mendelssohn; Valse Caprice, Newland; Les Hirondelles, Bachmann. Pupils of Miss Morgan.La… Read More

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