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Selected Content from the August 1916 Edition of The Etude

    Was Liszt the Paganini of the Piano?

    What Liszt did for the piano was infinitely more than what Paganini had done for the violin. The greatest pianists—such men as Paderewski, Joseffy, Hofmann, D’Albert, Gabrilowitsch, Busoni, Pachmann, Friedheim, Schelling—are the most ardent admirers of his achievements for the piano Read More

    A Revelation

    The Etude has recently been conducting a careful audit of 150 recital programs given by teachers in all parts of the United States. These were taken just as they have come to us. Some are from the leading conservatories in large Eastern and Middle Western cities. Others come from towns and villages “everywhere.” Read More

    Sleep and Nerves

    “There are more ways of opening a door than kicking it open,” said a dear old lady. We hear in these days of all sorts of wonderful treatment for disordered nerves. Medicines, baths, exercises, psychoanalysis, tonics, and dozens of other… Read More

    Musical Poppycock

    Art, religion and music seem to have suffered dreadfully from a kind of jargon purporting to represent ideas, but in reality nothing more than the outlandish gibberish of charlatans inventing words to substitute for their ignorance of real learning. In… Read More

    Let Us Recognize Music in Our School Histories

    By C. Nearing  [Editor’s Note.—The Etude has long been interested in the campaign to gain wider public recognition for music, and has urged its readers to lose no opportunity to induce others to give it that recognition. We have recently… Read More

    “Sho’ Dat’s De Papah Ah Wants.”

    Read More

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