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    Death of Brahms. - May, 1897

    The death of Johannes Brahms, on the third of last month, removes from the musical world another prominent figure. Johannes Brahms was born on May 7, 1833, at Hamburg, where his father was contrabassist in the orchestra; from him he... Read More

    Oscar Raif. - October, 1899

    He has been regarded an interpreter. He made a thorough study of tone and touch. His clever machines and other devices for illustrating his work were the admiration of his pupils. He did not believe in too much dry technical work. He thought that one could acquire a technic far more readily through scale practice than through études. Read More

    Frederic Archer. - December, 1901

    Frederic Archer, the well-known organist of Carnegie Hall, Pittsburgh, Pa., died Octo­ber 22d, from cancer of the stomach at the age of sixty-three. He was born in Oxford, England, June 16, 1838, where he received a liberal education. He was... Read More

    Antonin Dvoràk. - June, 1904

    One of the great figures of modern music was taken from the world of activity, May 1st, when Antonin Dvoràk, the Bohemian composer, died at Prague. Read More

    The Remarkable Case of the Late "Blind Tom." - August, 1908

    "What was he? Whence came he? Was he the Prince of the fairy tale held by the wicked Enchantress; nor any beauty--not even the Heaven-born Maid of Melody--to release him? Blind, deformed and black--as black even as Erebus--idiocy, the idiocy of mysterious, perpetual frenzy, the sole companion of his waking visions and his dreams--whence came he, what was he, and wherefore?" Read More

    Carl Halir - March, 1910

    The world of violin playing has sustained the loss of another great violin artist by the death of Carl Halir, the German violinist, whose demise occurred recently at Berlin. Halir occupied a place in the very first rank of German violinists. He was so long associated with Joachim, as a pupil, as a member of the Joachim Quartet, and as a violin teacher in the Hochschule in Berlin, that he possessed all the traditions and ideas of his illustrious master. Read More

    The Passing of Carl Reinecke - May, 1910

    Remarkable career of one of the most influential musicians of the past century   In the last issue of The Etude there appeared what was doubtless the last article of Prof. Dr. Carl Reinecke, the eminent pianist, composer and musical... Read More

    The Closing of a Great Career - Gustav Mahler - July, 1911

    THE death of Gustav Mahler, on May 18, in Vienna, was a shock to the entire musical world. A biography of this great composer-director was given in the May issue of THE ETUDE in connection with what was doubtless his last statement of musical consequence. Read More

    Hans Engelmann. 1872 - 1914 - June, 1914

    Composers, like poets, are born and not made. It is possible, of course, for a man to go through an elaborate course of harmony, counterpoint, musical form, etc., and at the end of the course to be able to write music that is "well constructed" and blameless from a theoretical point of view. There are thousands of Doctors of Music in the world to whom the writing of such music is a simple matter. But natural musicians are more rare. Read More

    Paolo Giorza - 1838-1914 - June, 1914

    News, comes from Seattle of the death of Paolo Giorza, the distinguished composer of masses, ballets, etc. He was born in Dezio, near Milan, 1838, and first studied music with his father, Luigi Giorza, a noted grand opera baritone of... Read More

    Carl Koelling - 1831-1914 - June, 1914

    The death of Carl Koelling took place on Sunday evening, May 3d. Mr. Koelling has written a great number of pieces which have been well liked by innumerable readers of The Etude. The deepest sympathies of all will go out... Read More

    Tributes to the Memory of Hans Engelmann - September, 1914

    Hans Engelmann as a composer undoubtedly possessed a wonderful gift of melody, supplemented by a thorough practical and theoretical knowledge of music, thus giving to his compositions a character and finish so often lacking in the works of modern composers of salon and dance music. Read More

    Rudolph E. Schirmer 1859--1919 - October, 1919

    The Etude notes with deep regret the death of Mr. Rudolph E. Schirmer, President of G. Schirmer, Inc., of New York. He was born at New York July 22, 1859. Educated in private schools at New York and Weimar, Germany;... Read More

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