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Recital Programs.


Lecture-Song Recital: American Song-Writers, by William F. Bentley. 
Love Me if I Live, J. H. Halm; Sweetheart, Frank Lynes; The Miller’s Quest, Clayton Johns; Allah, George W. Chadwick; Gather ye Rosebuds While ye May, James H. Rogers; The Night has a Thousand Eyes, Ferdinand Dewey; The Night has a Thousand Eyes, Arthur Foote; A Sea Dirge, Noble A. Hardee; If Stars were Really Watching Eyes, O. Whitney Coombs; Sword of Ferrara, Frederick Field Bullard; Ashes of Roses, Mary Knight Wood; My True Love Lies Asleep, Margaret Ruthven Lang; Ah, Love But a Day, Mrs. H. H. A. Beach; Idylle, The Sea, Thy Beaming Eyes, Menie, Edward A. MacDowell; The Highwayman’s Song, R. Huntington Woodman; Raft Song, Ethelbert Nevin; Three Roses, Homer N. Norris; Lady Picking Mulberries, Edgar S. Kelley.

Pupils of Sickner Conservatory.
Bird as a Prophet, Schumann; Hexendance, E. A. MacDowell; Should He Upbraid (vocal), Bishop; The Butterfly, Edvard Grieg; March (opus 39, No. 1), Alexis Hollander; I’m Wearing Awa’ to the Land o’ the Leal (vocal), Foote; A Dream (vocal), Bartlett; Adagio Cantabile (from opus 13), Beethoven; Shakes­peare Serenade, Schubert-Liszt; June (barcarolle), Tschaikowsky; To Spring, Edvard Grieg; Mignon (vocal), Hardelot; Good-bye, Sweet Day (vocal), Vannah.

Pupils of C. J. Finger.
Overture: “Adagio and Rondo” (eight hands), C. M. Weber; Allegro (opus 104) (two pianos), Gurlitt; Isolée (solo for left hand), Ravina; Sonatina (two pianos), Clementi; The Banjo, Gottschalk; Fanfare Militaire, Archer.

Pupils of Walter S. Sprankle.
Doll’s Dream, Spindler; Under the Linden, Schmoll; Rippling Brook, Czerny; Curious Story, Heller; On the Meadow, Lichner; The Chimes, Gänschals; Sun­rise Mazurka, Pattison; Love in Arm’s Waltz, Bohm; Tarantelle, Denne; Merry Month of May, Merkel; Spring Song, Mendelssohn; Silver Stars Mazurka, Bohm; Last Hope, Gottschalk; Valse Caprice, Newland; Callirhoe, Chaminade; Spring Reverie, Goerdeler; Berceuse, Beaumont; Consolation, Men­delssohn; Valse (opus 70, No. 11), Chopin.

Pupils of Mrs. J. H. Hull.
Saltarella, Leybach; Flying Leaves, Kölling; By the Brookside, Tours; The Day Will Come, Mere­dith; The Little Coquette, Otis White; Arabesques, Lack; Dying Poet, Gottschalk; Whither? Kölling; Minuet, Paderewski; Love’s Harp, H. Millard; Lita—Caprice Espagnol, Ravina; The Star, de Kontski; Polka de la Reine, Raff; The Dragon-Fighter, B. Hoffman.

Pupils of the Oliver Willis Halsted Conservatory.
Paper—A Glimpse of the Life and Character of Benjamin Godard; Valse Chromatique, Benjamin Godard; Adagio Sostenuto (sonata, opus 27, No. 2), Beethoven; Etude Melodique (opus 130, No. 2), Raff; Allegretto Scherzando, Haberbier; Impromptu Polka, Thomé; Magic Fire Scene, from “Die Walküre,” Wagner-Brassin.

Northwestern University School of Music, Pupils of Preparatory Department.
Menuet, Bach; Melody, Lutkin; Doll’s Lullaby, Warren; The Happy Farmer, Schumann; Blowing Bubbles, Orth; Prelude and Scherzo, Armand; Gigue, Hiller; Barcarolle, Krogman; Album Leaf and Waltz, Grieg; Siciliano, Schumann; Erster Verlust, Schumann; March to Parnassus, Schytte.

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