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Selected Content from the November 1910 Edition of The Etude

    Etude Gallery of Musical Celebrities

    GEORGE P. UPTON. Mr. Upton was born in Boston, Mass., October 25, 1834. He was brought up in a musical atmosphere, and possessed a talent for observation. Apart from this he had no regular musical education. He graduated from... Read More

    The Triumph of Edward MacDowell

    By CAROL SHERMAN   Unspoken words at parting    Find their voice in song. Ah! sing them soft and tenderly,    The song will ne'er last long.   And hand grasps hand at parting,    Heart finds heart in… Read More

    Wagner on Mendelssohn and Schumann.

    No musician was ever more severely criticised than Richard Wagner, and it is equally certain that Wagner spared no opportunity to express his contempt for those who believed in views contrary to his own. Nevertheless, he was not by… Read More

    The Completion of a Great Musical Work

    The appearance of the fifth volume of the revision of the Grove Dictionary is an event of much importance in the musical world. The combined labors of many of the most distinguished musicians of our time have contributed to… Read More

    The Survival of the Fittest in Music

    How the Great Works of the Tonal Art Remain Through the Centuries, While Those of Less Value Are Doomed to More or Less Certain Oblivion.   By LOUIS C. ELSON.   [Editor's Note.—Mr. Elson's article is upon one of… Read More

    World of Music

    At Home It is said that there is a movement on foot to have municipal opera in New York.   Mr. William H. Sherwood, the eminent American virtuoso, is now engaged on a tour of the Northwest and Canada…. Read More

    Answers to Questions

    Edited by Louis C. Elson   Q. Is there any physical reason why certain parts of Italy became so famous for the wonderful violins produced? (D. A. G.)   A. There is no reason why certain Italian violin makers… Read More

    The Etude Educational Cartoons

       HOW COULD THE TEACHER KNOW? Willie has been studying just three months. Teacher is working her hardest to get Willie to take the least gleam of interest in some really good music. Just at the moment when she… Read More

    Thought and Action in Musical Europe

    By Arthur Elson   In the Monthly Musical Record Albert Visetti writes of some experiments to show the effect of music on madness. They were performed at a sanatorium in Villejuif, under the care of Dr. Vaschide, and with… Read More

    Some Approximate Pronunciations of the Names of French Musicians.

    By Fannie Edgar Thomas.   There is often some diffidence upon the part of Americans in pronouncing the names of French musicians. Even when an oral example is given it is sometimes impossible for some Americans to imitate closely… Read More

    How Verdi Preserved His Originality

    Verdi seldom wrote a letter. When he did write one he usually had something interesting to say. Seven of his letters to friends were recently printed in the Roman Marzocco. In one of these he touches on the question… Read More

    Lessons With Franz Liszt

    By EMIL SAUER   An Absorbingly Interesting, Unbiased Description of the Most Famous of all Piano Classes by the Distinguished Virtuoso and Teacher Well Known to American Concert-goers   [Editor's Note.—The following is probably the sanest, best balanced article… Read More

    Tschaikowski’s Ideals.

    Probably the first thing the young musician prides himself on having, when he starts out on his musical career, is musical "ideals" of the most lofty kind. Well, indeed, is this the case, for in this mercenary age ideals… Read More

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