The Etude
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Selected Content from the August 1913 Edition of The Etude

    The Romance of the Chopin Preludes - By Mrs. Burton Chance

    The Romance of the Chopin Preludes By MRS. BURTON CHANCE With Fanciful Illustrations by the Noted German Impressionist, Robert Spies Read More

    The World of Music

    There is said to be a church in the south of England where the boy members of the choir have left one by one to engage in the more profitable occupation of attending golfers as “caddies.” … Debussy has set a tennis game to music. The work is a dance-pantomime written for Nijinsky, the Russian dancer, and is entitled, Jeux. It now remains for Sousa to write a similar work about a game of baseball. … An “electrophone” connection has been made between London and the stage of the Paris Opera House, so that Londoners may hear the Paris opera without leaving their native city. … The Shapiro Symphony Orchestra of London consists entirely of women, except for the conductor, who happens to be a mere man. … A London medical expert has made an anatomical examination of Caruso, and says that he “combines to a greater extent than any other singer I have ever examined the physical characteristics necessary for perfect production of vocal sounds in almost unlimited volume.” … England seems to be continually preparing for a German invasion. Perhaps one of the most formidable weapons in her arsenal is the kinesounder. It has for its object the supplying of sounds for picture theatres. It is a weird arrangement controlled by levers, and can produce many effects, including barking dog, tug whistle, birds, wind, siren, sleighbells, bump, fire alarm, motor car (and boat), pot crash, glass crash, heavy wood crash, light crash, cannon, waves, slaps, crackle, splash, galloping horses, train, door-latch, waterfalls, thunder, etc. Read More

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