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The St. Cecilia Club, of Midland, Mich., puts itself on record as an energetic body of students on the right path. The club, or­ganized nearly a year ago, records a membership of thirty ladies, with an average attendance of twenty. The plan of study embraces the line of development of music through the different countries. The club devotes an hour and a half to the study of the mu­sical topics proposed, and questions propounded; fol­lowed by forty minutes of chorus-practice. Midland is a small lumbering town of 1800 inhabitants, but this little club had the energy to bring three well- known artists during the season to add to its enter­tainments. Mrs. J. C. Graves is the president.

The Women’s Philharmonic Society of New York enters upon the present season with much improved prospects of comfort and usefulness. An admirable hall, a membership amalgamated by several seasons of united work, a clarified vision of mutual interests and of the spheres of usefulness possible to the club promise much for the work of the current year.

Miss Mary Hallock announces a piano-recital in Mendelssohn Hall, New York, during the current month. The name of this promising and hard-work­ing young artist deserves to appear upon the more ambitious programs of our ladies’ clubs with increas­ing frequency. Where serious study of the greater works of modern composers is the order of the day, our not overlarge list of pianists of intelligence and technic should be drawn upon liberally during the winter to point the moral and adorn the tale. The club could then devote its attention to pieces well within the powers of its members, and the professional pianist complete the program, and at the same time furnish an object-lesson for future private study by the members as individuals. Every club should deem it a duty to art and to itself to produce a number of club entertainments “with artist assistance” during the current season.

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