The Etude
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Selected Content from the March 1924 Edition of The Etude

    Josef Lhévinne - Basic Principles in Pianoforte Playing

    Four hours a day of practice is good measure. Over- practicing is just as bad as under-practicing. It should be the younger student’s aim and desire to get done with technic as soon as possible. There is no short cut. One cannot go around or under the mountain. One must climb straight over it. Therefore in the earlier lessons more attention must be given to technic than in the later lessons when a really masterly technic has been developed. The trouble is that most students seem to look upon it the other way. Read More

    Question & Answer Department - Conducted by Arthur de Guichard

    Question and Answer DepartmentConducted by Arthur de Guichard Eb Nocturne, Op. 9, No. 2 (Chopin). Q. What is the correct fingering of the following passage, according to the composer himself? See Nocturne in Eb, Op. 9, No. 2. —Artie, Providence,… Read More

    Otokar Sevcik - The Violin Student’s Fundamentals

    Too often it occurs that students who hope for a virtuoso career are disappointed; and when they turn to orchestra or ensemble playing they find that their command of rhythm and bowing is not sufficiently well developed. I want all pupils who study my system to be all-around musicians, and therefore have incorporated in my studies exercises to develop command of every rhythm and bowing, even to the rag-time or syncopated rhythms which are so overworked in this country. All parts of the bow should be evenly developed; and students should especially work for control of the bow at the frog. Read More

    World of Music

    Count Geza Zichy, famed as a one-armed pianist, died in Budapest on January 15th. A child prodigy, he lost his right hand on a hunting expedition when fourteen years of age, but carried his development of the left hand to such a point as to win fame as a performer. He has also produced notable compositions, along with the practice of law. Read More

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