The Etude
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Selected Content from the March 1923 Edition of The Etude

    Many Roads to Artistic Playing: Alexander Siloti

    Many Roads to Artistic Playing An Interview with the Eminent Pianist-Conductor By ALEXANDER SILOTI Secured Expressly for THE ETUDE    “IT may seem paradoxical, but I have learned almost as much from teaching others as I have from studying with… Read More

    Liszt at the Court of Napoleon III

    By the PRINCESS PAULINE METTERNICH ETUDE readers who may have missed the October issue will be pleased to know that the Princess Metternich’s “Memoirs of Richard Wagner” may be obtained in that issue or secured in book form in… Read More

    The World of Music

    At the Library of the Paris Opera “Closing Time” is now announced by a phonograph using a record of the opera chorus singing the Curfew Air from Meyerbeer’s “Les Huguenots.” The idea is not new in America—several of our big department stores have for years closed their doors daily with music. We think that Wanamaker started it. Now in Philadelphia the business closes daily with a fifteen-minute recital on “the largest organ in the world.” Read More

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