The Etude
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Selected Content from the August 1925 Edition of The Etude

    Music in Our Churches - Charles Galloway

    Much of the music sung in many of our churches to-day is cheap and tawdry; it is musical rubbish; light, sentimental, undignified, if not sacrilegious; a meaningless conglomeration of distorted and undeveloped melodies, very often the imaginations of musical lunatics, the like of whom Florian doubtless had in mind when he wrote, “Everyone to his own trade; then would the cows be well cared for.” Read More

    Virtuosity Versus Musicianship - Cyril Scott

    And what is Zopf? For all music students should learn the meaning of that word, seeing that Zopf caused the downfall of Grecian music, was carried over into Roman music, and has reappeared from time to time throughout the whole of musical history. Read More

    Modern Ideas in Pianoforte Technic - E. Robert Schmitz

    When a melody ascends it generally gathers intensity or force. When it descends it diminishes in force, tending toward relaxation. This principle is observed almost universally by sensitive artists. Take the Busoni edition of Bach’s Forty-Eight Preludes and Fugues, for instance, and note how the great interpreter has indicated that the phrases gain in intensity as the pitch ascends. Read More


    To have friends, you must first of all learn to see the better side of others and condone weaknesses. Many are without friends because they are too exacting; they look for perfection. If they were criticized themselves as they criticize others they would be highly indignant. If you wait for gods in order to make friends, you will spend a very lonely existence. See the beauty in the frailty of human nature that calls for a brother or a sister. Your friend needs you most when he is in trouble. You must learn to forgive your friend’s weaknesses as well as admire his virtues. Read More

    Question and Answer Department

    Q. Has Jamaica contributed in any way to the growth of Musical Art? Have any well-known musicians been born there?— Roland P., New Bedford, Mass. … Q. Will you kindly tell me the nationality of Frederick Delius? I have been told that he is American, English, French, German (!), by so many different persons that I would like to have some good authority for stating what he really is.—Edith Zarling, Cambridge, Mass. Read More

    World of Music

    A Gregorian Church Service, printed in Paris in 1509, and probably one of the oldest examples of music printing extant, is to be seen in the Garcia Library of the University of Texas, Austin. … Aaron Copland, the young New York composer, has been awarded the John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship of $2,500 a year for foreign study. … Serge Prokofieff has announced his intention to visit America for about three months, beginning January 1, 1926. … The Oldest Known Musical Manuscript has been deciphered by Curt Sachs, music historian of Berlin University. It is believed to date back to the Second Century B. C. … The Mexican Ministry of Education is about to offer combat to what it describes as “savage music imported from the United States under the name of Jazz.” Its prepared circular calls the jazz songs “degrading melodies corresponding to the tastes of savage tribes.” Read More

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