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Selected Content from the December 1898 Edition of The Etude

    The Writing of the “Requiem.”

    The story of Mozart, his Requiem Mass, and Geppert, the park-watcher. This story is used by permission of the ” Saturday Evening Post,” of Philadelphia, Pa. Read More


    Elsewhere in this issue may be found a malignant attack by “Old Fogy” on the music and memory of the late Peter Illitsch Tschaikowsky. We say “malignant” with sorrow, for, despite his occasional acerbity, our contributor is seldom personal, although rather old-fashioned in his judgments. Hence our surprise at his rather frenetic outburst on the subject of the works of the great, dead Russian. Read More

    Special Notices

    ROBERT GOLDBECK, PIANIST, COMPOSER, AND Teacher, invites correspondence concerning lessons. Send for circular of the new “Dictionary of Music,” a work different from any attempted before. Studio 627, Fine Arts Building, 203 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Ill. A GRADUATE, PIANO AND… Read More

    Musical Items.

    Sousa, when a boy in Washington, D. C., played with the colored children of the neighborhood. He says he learned from them the peculiar melodic and rhythmic swing that his compositions have. Read More

    Home Notes.

    Mme. A. Pupin, of New York City, has prepared a lecture recital illustrating the progress of music during the present century, which includes a recital on the new Janko keyboard, forming an evening’s entertainment of great value to schools, colleges, and music clubs. Read More

    Questions and Answers

    “Rag-time” is essentially a simple syncopation. The faculty for it must be acquired, much like a taste for caviar. The negroes of the South employed it in the banjo accompaniments to their songs, but not until the “midways” of our recent expositions stimulated general appreciation of Oriental rhythms did “ragtime” find supporters throughout the country. Read More

    Old Fogy Redivivus

    A day in musical New York! Not a bad idea, was it? Read More

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