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Selected Content from the April 1895 Edition of The Etude

    Musical Items

    HOME. It is said the keys most used in composition are C, G, and F major, because they suit all instruments better. Henry Schradieck, the eminent violinist and teacher, long connected with the Leipsic Conservatory, has settled in New York…. Read More

    A New Note On The Piano.

    The French humorists, who often lack material, like American writers of the same guild, have of late been turning their attention to the piano and the young ladies who make that cumbrous instrument a specialty. This is a well-worn subject… Read More

    Reminiscence of Bülow.

    Mr. Makower pays a tribute to the real kindheartedness which underlay a rather brusque manner, and he tells us that Bülow all his life long did many acts of unostentatious charity, such as the helping of old and poverty-stricken musicians…. Read More

    What Shall I Play?

    BY J. EDWIN HOLDER. What shall I include in my repertoire? What shall I play? What style? What movements? What kind of music shall I include in my repertoire, that when I am asked I can play agreeable music? are… Read More

    Make Study Interesting.

    Teachers should constantly endeavor to keep their pupils interested, and indeed to make the study of music increasingly interesting. There are so many ways of accomplishing this, that it is difficult to give any code of rules which will be… Read More

    The Value Of An Artist’s Testimonial.

    W. F. GATES. While operatic rivalries may furnish food for public enjoyment, there are other interesting musical conflicts which are not without their ludicrous side. The competition of instrument makers, notably piano manufacturers, has been so warm at various times… Read More

    A Suggestion.

    BY ALICE KEACHIE. Having been a teacher for many years I possess an accumulation of books and music which has become quite a care. This year I determined to dispose of a large quantity in the following manner: I arranged… Read More

    The Prizes Awarded.

    We have awarded the prizes for the two best essays, to the following parties: William Benbow, of Reading, Pa., receives the first prize, and S. P. Govi (a sister, of Providence) the second. The essays are published in this issue. Read More

    A Fantasy.

    The scene is supposed to take place in a garden of the planet Phonos; a Paradise especially created by the Omnipotent as an eternal home and resting place for all musicians and vocalists of genius or talent, after their demise… Read More

    Concert Programmes.

    Recital by the Pupils of Miss Maggie L. Thornburg.Saved by a Child, Piccolomini; Thine Own Waltzes, Brandt; The Battle Queen, Thatcher; Adiuo, Smith; They all Love Jack, Adams; Faust Waltz, Gounod; Mazarita, Meyer-Helmund; Semiramide, Rossini; Come where Wild Flowers Bloom,… Read More

    A Practical Talk With Girls.

    BY R. C. TEMPLE. We are living in an age when people want practical thoughts, and it is just such a talk I want to give to the girls who may happen to read this paper. I am afraid, girls,… Read More

    First Prize Essay - To Acquire Expression - By Wm. Benbow.

    Music, played or sung, is an utterance. St. Paul, speaking of musical instruments, calls them “things without life, giving a voice.” The culture of this voice is the end of our studies in touch and technic. But it is possible… Read More

    Second Prize Essay. - Present Worth - By S. P. Govi.

    Engaged one day at the library in a pastime that is always most agreeable to me—gathering notes of useful information to the musical student—an unusual conversation arrested my attention. The first speaker was a bright-eyed little Miss whose generally serene… Read More

    Common Sense Suggestions To Teachers.

    EXTRACTS FROM A LECTURE BY MR. EMIL LIEBLING. Music teaching is a trade; simply a business. Some of us know very little about it, and then the minority of all the music teachers find out a few facts by the… Read More

    What Is Classical Music?

    BY WILLIAM MASON. Music which through prolonged usage has proved its possession of those qualities which entitle it to be taken as a standard of excellence, and which has come to be acknowledged, first by competent judges, and subsequently by… Read More

    Music and Money.

    I don’t remember ever hearing any one call music and money twin sisters. They are so seldom seen together that one would suspect no affinity between them; yet we know they are very fond of each other betimes. Wealth always… Read More

    To Play Or Not To Play.

    MUSICAL EDUCATION THAT WOULD MAKE STUDY A PLEASURE TO CHILDREN. “Do you know,” said an anxious mother to a group of interested friends the other day, “my little Lucie is getting to be a great girl, eight years old this… Read More

    Fingers and Finger-Rings.

    A STORY BY JOHN ORTH. I was once sixteen years of age. This was some twenty odd years ago, and, I am sorry to say, may never happen again. It was about this time that I was pre­sented by a… Read More

    The Basis of Phrasing.

    BY W. S. B. MATHEWS. In order to teach phrasing, two things are necessary: First, to train the pupil to recognize the ideas in the pieces he studies; and, second, to give the necessary touches commanding expressive tone quality, through… Read More

    A Rhapsody.

    BY LAURA HULL MORRIS. Music is not a play game, or sensuous pleasure merely to tickle the ear; it means something. The world is awake to its importance. We want intellectuality in music; nothing more develops the imagination and per­ceptions;… Read More

    Questions and Answers.

    [Our subscribers are invited to send in questions for this department. Please write them on one side of the paper only, and not with other things on the same sheet. In Every Case the Writer’s full Address must be Given,… Read More

    Publisher’s Notes

    A man by the name of Ben. Abelsted has been repre­senting himself as an agent of The Etude, having taken subscriptions and never turned them over to us. We would warn any one from having business relations with him. He… Read More


    The “Celebrated Pianists of the Past and Present” has been received, and I do not know how to express my appreciation. I am delighted with the work, and would not be without it.              Miss K. E. Blosser. I have received… Read More

    Special Notices

    THIRD THOUSAND JUST PUBLISHED—“HER-man’s Handbook of Music and Musicians,” containing concise biographies of more than 1500 composers (over 150 American authors) and 3000 musical terms. An excellent work to use in making up biographical programmes. Mr. A. R. Parsons, New… Read More

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