The Etude
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Selected Content from the November 1913 Edition of The Etude

    Berlioz - The Etude Master Study Page

    Berlioz came into the world just as the French democracy, that allowed Robespierre to barter his insatiable ambition for his life, was merging into the Empire which was to offer Napoleon a similar tragic opportunity. In 1804 “the little corporal” importunately snatched the crown from the hands of Pope Pius VII and placing it upon his own head with his own hands declared himself Emperor of France. During the childhood and youth of Berlioz he saw upon all sides the significant “N” of Bonaparte. France was ascending to new power and new glory. Berlioz was all patriot. He loved his France and particularly his Paris. Mercurial at all times, his disposition and life experiences were not unlike the fortunes of his native land. During his entire life the French people seemed to be struggling for republican freedom —a freedom, which did not arrive in anything like a permanent form until the year after the death of Berlioz. Read More

    Memories of Franz Liszt

    “With the passing of the time, the image of Liszt grows continually greater. While he was with us upon earth, we were constantly called upon to wonder at his achievements, but now that he is gone, we stand astounded at his accomplishments. Moreover, we are amazed at compositions, which very few people know intimately, and which very few can play, and which very few people will ever play.” Read More

    Pupils’ Recitals

    Pupils of Miss Tillie Schmidt’s.The Flatterer, Chaminade; Pink Domino Waltz, Renard; Puss in Boots Waltz, Renard; In Spring Time (Violin) Greenwald; The Boat Ride, Schroeder; The Angelus, (4 hds.), Gounod; Little Jack’s Waltz, Rosewig; Melody in F (Violin), Rubinstein; Knight… Read More

    The World of Music

    At Home. The compositions of Adolph M. Foerster have been played by many large orchestras during the past summer and even did not escape the Sousa band. Harold Bauer is giving a series of private recitals to the students of… Read More

    Raoul Pugno - The Necessity for Daily Practice

      An Interview Secured Especially for The Etude by G. Mark Wilson with the Famous French Pianist Composer RAOUL PUGNO   [Editor’s Note.—Raoul Pugno, with the possible exception of Saint-Saens, is the most famous French pianist of the last three… Read More

    Liszt and Dr. Mason’s Eyeglasses

    No virtuoso was ever more careful than Liszt over personal appearance. He had quite enough of the “showman” in his make-up to realize how much clothes help to emphasize a great personality. He was not only particular over his own… Read More

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