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Selected Content from the October 1901 Edition of The Etude

    Five Minute Talks With Girls, By Helena M. Maguire

    THE SISTERS OF MUSICIANS.  “Our lives are not laid out in vast, vague prairies, but in definite, domestic door-yards, within which we are to exercise and develop our facilities.” Many of us never go outside our own “door-yards,” but to… Read More

    Woman’s Work In Music

    Edited by FANNY MORRIS SMITH. LET EVERYTHING BE DONE DECENTLY AND IN ORDER. In opening the club year let the usefulness of parliamentary law take its full importance in the eyes of every club-member. Orderly proceedings, well-kept minutes, well-enforced by-laws,… Read More

    Questions and Answers

    M. R. B.—You can get information about musical scholarships by applying to Carl Ziegfeld, secretary of the Chicago Musical College, 202 Michigan Boulevard, Chicago, Ill. C. T. L.—In a number of works for vocal students, especially the foreign editions, the… Read More

    Musical Items

    Dr. William B. Pape, known a number of years ago as Willie Pape, pianist and composer, died at Mobile, Ala., August 30th. He was born in Mobile… The Moody-Manners Opera Company, of London, offer a prize of $1250, and 10 per cent. of net profits made by the company, for an original opera, the offer open to anyone… The favorite instrument in Spain is the mandora, of the guitar family… Stavenhagen, a well-known pianist and composer, has been appointed to the presidency of the Royal Academy of Music in Munich. Read More

    The Unique Operation Of The Century.

    The Philadelphia Press is responsible for a graphic account of an experiment which, to use its own language, is the unique operation of the century. It appears that a young man from Quakertown, Pa., engaged in the new and interesting industry of making corn-cob fiddles at a period of his existence when most infants have an insatiable craving for soothing syrups. Read More

    English Women In The Orchestra.

    Those of us here in England who watch carefully the trend of matters musical, and who notice “which way the wind blows,” know well that the present opportunity for the musician lies in the orchestra. We are overburdened with music-teachers, with singers, solo pianists, violinists, and organists; but the supply of capable orchestral players only meets the demand. Read More

    Women As Orchestral Players: An American Point Of View.

    The musical conditions prevailing in the United States are obviously unlike those existing in Great Britain, as described by our English correspondent in her article: “English Women in the Orchestra.” Indeed, there are no indications at the present time, either on our musical surface or beneath it, which point to that “emancipation” so optimistically awaited by our correspondent. And overburdened as we, too, are with teachers, players, and singers, we nevertheless fail to understand how this oversupply can create for woman a new field of activity for which, it must be perfectly clear, she is unfit in various ways. Read More

    Special Notices

    A VIRGIL PRACTICE CLAVIER FOR RENTcheap. Address: Director, Music Department Ursinus College, Collegeville, Pa. WANTED—A SECOND-HAND VIRGIL CLAVIER.Must be in good condition. Address: Miss Florence Campbell, London, Ky. FOR SALE —A FRANKE (LEIPZIG) PIANO,with the new “Janko Keyboard.” Cost $850;… Read More

    Concert Programs.

    Under this head we will publish selected lists of standard pieces to show what are being used by teachers. Pupils of Carl J. Finger, Mrs. Lorena Hood-Fenn, and Miss Minetta Buchner. Read More

    Dr. William Mason - The Nestor of American Musicians.

    Dr. Mason’s book, as may be expected, includes memories of the most famous names in modern music,—from his delicate picture of Moritz Hauptmann, on whose “stove, a regular old-fashioned German structure of porcelain nearly as high as the ceiling, there was always a row of apples in process of slow baking,” to his unexpected addition to the Brahms ana,—every picture is graphic and delightful. So much has been said about Liszt’s friendship for Brahms that we quote the description of their first meeting verbatim. Read More

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