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Selected Content from the January 1924 Edition of The Etude

    The World of Music

    Prohibition of American “Jazz” on the programs of public orchestras in Italy is being asked of the Italian Government in petitions carrying great lists of names, according to reports from Paris. Apparently the Italians are not attracted to this type of music… Lieut. Comm. John Philip Sousa had the honorary degree of Doctor of Music conferred upon him by Marquette University of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on November 16, 1923… The Flonzaley Quartet has finished twenty years of its artistic endeavors. No similar organization has sustained a more consistently high plane of work; and in all these years but one change has been made in its personnel. Read More


    If the makers of Jazz desire to continue their success and provide musical entertainment that is inspiriting without being offensive, they may take a lesson from experiences like this which are likely to increase in number with the accumulating public indignation over the evils of Jazz. Good Jazz can be a wholesome tonic; bad Jazz is always a dangerous drug. Read More

    The Thresholds of Vocal Art - MME. AMELITA GALLI-CURCI

      An Interview Secured Expressly for THE ETUDE with the World=Famous Diva MME. AMELITA GALLI-CURCI Biographical The success of Galli-Curci has often been described as “meteoric ” but familarity with her biography reveals that, as in the case with all… Read More

    Basic Principles in Pianoforte Playing, Part IV - JOSEF LHEVINNE

    Basic Principles in Pianoforte Playing SECTION IV Secured Exclusively for THE ETUDE by Interview with the Famous Virtuoso Pianist JOSEF LHEVINNE This Series Began in the “Etude” for October. Each Section May be Read Independently Acquiring Delicacy and Power In… Read More

    The Humor of Richard Wagner - Written Expressly for The Etude by the Son of the Great Master - SIEGFRIED WAGNER

    The underlying trait of my father’s character was a lofty artistic earnestness. Along with this, however, there poured forth an illuminating humor and a sunny happiness which, notwithstanding the difficult life situations and the disappointments, rarely resolved into satire or irony. Read More

    Praise of a Poor Piano - A Paradox - By Eugenio Pirani

    Everybody, of course, is able to produce a voluminous tone with a modern concert grand. He needs only to glide gently over the keyboard. The tone is ready made; the pianist needs only to use it. Let us sing a hymn of praise to the poor pianos! Read More

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