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Selected Content from the February 1914 Edition of The Etude

    Why Not A Practical Piano Chair

    BY MINNIE OWENS. ANY one who has ever sat for hours upon the conventional piano stool, a kind of huge revolving mushroom, realizes how uncomfortable a seat ninety per cent. of the piano students must put up with. Why cannot… Read More

    Teresa Carreño - Observations in Piano Playing

    Reviews of the interesting life of Teresa Carreño have frequently appeared in THE ETUDE, but we may be excused for reminding our readers of some of the accomplishments which make this famous pianist one of the most significant figures in the history of the music of the new world. Read More

    The World of Music

    As we go to press the news arrives of the death of Stephane Raoul Pugno, who passed away while on a recital tour in Russia. Pugno, with the possible exception of Saint-Säens, has been the foremost pianist of France for some years. He was born at Montrouge, Ile de France, June 23, 1852, but spent his life almost entirely in Paris. He graduated from the Conservatoire and held several important organ appointments. Later he became professor of the piano and of harmony at the Conservatoire. He also became known as a composer. It is chiefly as a piano virtuoso, however, that he is known. He made several tours of the United States. Read More

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