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Selected Content from the Student Life and Work Department

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    Taking an Observation. - January, 1902

    On clear days the captain of an ocean-going vessel "takes an observation" to determine the position of his vessel and the course he must steer to reach his haven. At this time, the beginning of a New Year, it is... Read More

    Some Qualities of the Ideal Student. - January, 1902

    In music, as compared with kindred artistic pursuits and the various learned professions, what may be termed the truly ideal student seems to be more of a rarity. The study of music seems not to be ap­proached with the same... Read More

    How to Assimilate - January, 1902

    The student who sets himself to work to acquire knowledge, and neglects to consider the question of how he is to arrange and classify it for himself, so that it be at hand when needed, and in orderly, compact, available... Read More

    "Just a Little" and Art. - January, 1902

    Liszt's manner of teaching at Weimar somewhat resembled the method em­ployed by painters in their classes for students. The master oversees the work of the pupils, sometimes paints in their presence, cor­rects their work, and by both precept and example... Read More

    A Students' Club. - May, 1902

    The Hebron, Ill., Glee Club has arranged a course of study in fundamental music-theory, the work for each meeting being pub­lished in advance in the local papers. The meetings are public, and include study of the lesson, sight-singing, and reading... Read More

    Studies in Writing English. - May, 1902

    In the April, 1902, number of The Etude, Mr. Theodore Stearns made the valuable suggestion that the student of music should train himself to write down his impressions. This plan has much to commend it. Writing down what one has... Read More

    Power Through Repose. - May, 1902

    The Roman soldiers used to exercise and drill in san­dals to which heavy iron soles were attached. When a forced march or any great exertion was required, these soles were removed. The consequent relief and lightness of foot enabled them... Read More

    The Questioning Pupil. - May, 1902

    Teachers are frequently censured for lack of success with certain pupils, when, more often than not, the fault lies largely with the pupils themselves. It is not our purpose, at this time, to go into the various causes leading to... Read More

    The Student's Attitude Toward His Art. I. Humility. - May, 1902

    Before undertaking the study of any art the intending student should put himself through a course of severe self-examination as to his fitness for such a pursuit, and as to his motives for entering on it. Too many make the... Read More

    Practical Working Rules of Life. - May, 1902

    Some time ago a magazine printed a number of rules for practical every-day life. We append a few for the benefit of our readers. Every man should have an avocation besides his vocation. It is better to do a thing... Read More

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