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Selected Content from the February 1905 Edition of The Etude

    Old Fogy’s Comments

    Fifty years of Chopin on the shelf! There’s an idea for you. At the conclusion of this half century’s immurement what would the world say to the Polish composer’s music! That is to say in 1955 the unknown inhabitants of the musical portion of this earth would have sprung upon them absolutely new music. The excitement would be colossal, for colossal, too, would be the advertising. And then? Read More

    Mrs. Bloomfield Zeisler on Study and Repertory

    She is a charming personality, complex, perhaps contradictory, to be more exact. Thoroughly womanly, sensitive beyond the understanding of persons less finely developed, with profound love of home and all the word conveys to a devoted wife and mother. Read More

    Special Notices

    Special Notices are inserted at a cost of five cents per word, cash with order. Do not have replies directed to this office.        HIGH GRADE UPRIGHTS. NEWLY REBUILT, IN-cluding Hardman, Chickering, Kimball, Stieff, Behr. Some good, serviceable, latest style uprights,… Read More

    Recital Programs.

    Pupils of the Ames School of Music.Parade (4 hds.), Kölling; Hungarian Melody, Bohm; Sunday Morning, Bechter; Thousand and One Nights, Reinecke; For Sadie, Stayner; Jolly Players’ Waltz (4 hds.), Maylath; Little Wanderer, Gurlitt; Two Marionettes (vocal), Cooke; Busy Little Bee,… Read More

    Questions and Answers

    Although makers differ as to the covering of the pin-block of a piano with a metal plate, we fail to see how it can have any effect upon the tone of the instrument. Read More

    Home Notes.

    Madame A. Pupin gave a concert in New York City January 11th. The first part, consisting of music by Bach, Mozart, and Paradisi, was played on a pianoforte made 110 years ago, the second, works by modern composers, on a piano with 22 octaves. The proceeds of the concert are to be devoted to Mme. Pupin’s plan to aid talented girls, without means, to secure a musical education. Read More

    Musical Items

    Wassili Safonoff, the noted Russian conductor, who directed several of the concerts of the New York Philharmonic Society this season, advocates dispensing with the baton. He claims that since Lully introduced the baton the length of the stick has become gradually shorter, and that a conductor can convey his ideas to an orchestra without a baton. When he conducted Tschaikovsky’s Pathetic Symphony last year he used the baton but little. Read More

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