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Selected Content from the July 1900 Edition of The Etude

    In the Organ Loft

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    Congregational Singing.

    Many have been the attempts and numerous the failures to introduce congregational singing in our churches. The desire to have the congregation do the singing arises, sometimes, from a conviction that it most agrees with the idea of public worship,… Read More

    Close the Swell.

    Vacations are in order; many churches are closed, and a large number of organs which have been used weekly, and frequently daily, will remain silent for the next two months. Most organists are careful to leave the swell open during… Read More


    Phrasing is as necessary on the organ as on the pianoforte, and, unfortunately, the student is often without any trustworthy guide in this respect, for in much of our best organ music the phrasing is not clear, and often wrong…. Read More


    Don’t make so much noise in using the combination pedals. Such a racket does not add to the beauty of the music, even if it seems to indicate its “immense difficulty.” Don’t keep the right foot on the swell-pedal all… Read More


    The female organist of a Utica church has eloped and married a fourteen-year-old boy who pumped the organ. The affair has taken the wind out of the choir. Read More

    Musical Items

    Vladimir de Pachmann will, it is stated, write a new life of Chopin for a New York publishing house. This ought to interest the Chopin biographers. The highest soprano voice on record was that of Lucrezia Agujardi (1743 to 1783)…. Read More

    Some Neglected Etudes.

    BY ALFRED VEIT. Very little is known as to Raff, the pianist. The career of the composer is familiar to everyone, but as to his ability as a pianist his contemporaries have scant to say. And yet Raff has written… Read More

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