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Selected Content from the May 1903 Edition of The Etude

    Our Substitute

    1 By kind permission of G. P. Putnam & Sons…. Read More

    Organ Descriptions.

    The following description (?) of the new organ in Symphony Hall, Boston, which appeared in a well-known musical magazine soon after its completion, shows to what extent one can wander away from the required information in giving descriptions of things about which the writer evidently knows nothing Read More

    Organ Standardization.

    It may be interesting to the readers of The Etude to read the recommendations of Mr. Thomas Elliston, of England, which are modifications of the old recommendations of the Royal College of Organists issued in 1881, and which appeared in a recent issue of the London Musical Opinion: Read More

    Rules For An American Organist.

    The following set of rules attributed to this country are copied from an English magazine to show how we learn our peculiarities from the magazines of other countries Read More

    Too Much of the Organ Inclosed in the Swell-Box.

    The late Hilborne L. Roosevelt, who was unquestionably progressive, originated the pernicious custom of inclosing all the great organ except the Diapasons, to the utter destruction of the true character of that manual. He rightly felt the need of greater crescendo effect, but he went the wrong way to get it. This quickly extended to the entire organ. Read More

    Questions & Answers.

    We do not see any reason for or any advantage gained by holding two adjacent pedals in playing hymns. The custom, if such it may be called in certain localities, is contrary to the rules of acoustics or of the science of music, and produces a disturbance in the vibrations which neither adds power to the accompaniment nor assists the congregation in any way. Read More


    The new organ in Berkeley  Temple, a fair-sized four-manual organ, built by the Hutchings-Votey Company, was inaugurated by Mr. Edwin H. Lemare the last of March. The instrument has a small, but very effective, echo organ placed at the other… Read More

    Musical Items

    The Musical Standard of London announces a series of articles on living British composers. Reyer, the French composer, is still living, at the age of eighty. “Salammbo” is probably his most successful opera. Marc Burty, a French composer, whose pieces… Read More

    Recital Programs

    Pupils of Broad Street Conservatory, Philadelphia.Neapolitan Boat Song, Wachs. Second Mazurka, Godard. Hymn of the Nuns, organ, Wely. Impromptu Mazurka, Lack. Intermezzo, Szalit. Valse Gracieuse, Niewiadomski. Good Night, song, Nevin. Barcarolle, Wachs. Erotik, Grieg. Valse, Op. 69, No. 1, Chopin…. Read More

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