The Etude
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Selected Content from the March 1921 Edition of The Etude

    The Soul of Poland in Music

    ZAL, then, was the principal motif of Chopin’s charming music. And, it has been the principal motif of all Polish music from its very birth, especially from Nicholas Gomolka (1539) down to the last echo of Ignace Jan Paderewski. Read More

    The World of Music

    The Baton Rouge Philharmonic Orchestra is the first organization of this nature, of symphony size, to be formed in the State of Louisiana. It gave its first program January 11th.   Mary Garden has added, as her last conquest,… Read More

    Question and Answer Department

    As the Englishman says, this query almost “knocked me silly!” At any rate, It required some time for me to recover from the shock! Most decidedly; every music student, no matter what branch is being studied, should “read, mark, learn and inwardly digest” the whole field of the history of music. Read More

    Josef Lhévinne - Practical Phases of Modern Pianoforte Study

    Scales, it seems to me, are the basis of the development of a perfect technic. I always have been a firm believer in them. I am aware that some seem to think that they are not necessary, but anyone who has sat beside pupils and watched the almost magical effect that the right kind of scale drill produces upon pupils at a certain stage of advance could not fail to be convinced. Read More

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