The Etude
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Selected Content from the December 1923 Edition of The Etude

    Should Piano Playing Undergo a Radical Reform? - Vladimir de Pachmann

    An Interview Secured Exclusively for the Etude With the Famous Virtuoso VLADIMIR DE PACHMANN Who at the Age of Seventy-five Has Remolded His Entire Repertoire According to New Principles Which He Claims Are of Paramount Importance Read More

    What the Metropolitan Music Critic Looks for Most - By Henry T. Finck.

    In order to pass muster with real critics you must therefore convince them that you are an artist and not a mere night or day laborer. If you are that and noth­ing more, you cannot hide it from an expert one mo­ment. You may make money—and since that’s what you are after, it ought to satisfy you—but you cannot expect to be admitted into the inner circle of genuine musi­cians. Read More

    Basic Principles in Pianoforte Playing, Part III - Josef Lhévinne

    The reason why a number of people say that they do not care for piano playing is that so many so-called performers upon the instrument treat it as though it were an anvil and go on hammering out musical horse shoes. Read More

    The Mystery of Beautiful Piano Tone

    Your editor, for over a quarter of a century, has been in close personal communication with practically all of the great pianists of the world. He has observed minutely their playing in public and in private, innumerable times. He has noted that those who have been famous for their lovely tone have, either through carefully thought-out principles, or through instinct, played in the manner we have described. Read More

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