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Selected Content from the May 1910 Edition of The Etude

    The Etude Gallery of Musical Celebrities

    MICHAEL WILLIAM BALFE. Balfe  was born at Dublin, May 15, 1808, and died October 20, 1870, at Rowney Abbey, Hertfordshire. His father was a dancing master, and young Balfe obtained his first musical experience as a violinist at his father's... Read More

    Answers to Questions

    Edited by LOUIS C. ELSON In securing the services of Mr. Louis C. Elson as editor of this department, our readers are to be congratulated upon having placed at their service the rich experience of one of the best known… Read More

    Eminent Musicians on Chopin and His Works

    Eminent Musicians on Chopin and His Works Selected and arranged for ETUDE readers from an excellent symposium which appeared recently in the London Musical Times. Chopin had little fondness for the English people and for England. In fact, upon one occasion while returning from that country to… Read More

    The Passing of Carl Reinecke

    Eminent Musicians on Chopin and His Works The Passing of Carl Reinecke Remarkable career of one of the most influential musicians of the past century   In the last issue of The Etude there appeared what was doubtless the last article of Prof. Dr. Carl Reinecke, the eminent pianist, composer and musical… Read More

    Benjamin Franklin’s Unusual Musical Instrument

    Books have been written about the many-sided Franklin. His omnivorous and practical mind seemed ready to attack any new branch of science with the same earnestness. Music did not escape him, and he actually invented a musical instrument that was… Read More

    The World of Music

    At Home. Mme. Schumann-Heink will remain in America another season, and has canceled her European engagements.   Mr. Frederick W. Wodell has recently completed an oratorio, entitled The Song of Faith, which will be produced in Boston shortly.  … Read More

    Recital Programs

    Music That Progressive Teachers Have Found Desirable Pupils of Otterbein University.Slavonic Dance No. 1 (4 lids.), Dvorak; Scherzino, Kjerulf; Staccato Etude, R. Friml; King of the Forest (song), Parker; A la Valse, Op. 301, Bohm; This Would I Do (song),… Read More

    The Etude Educational Cartoons

    WHY DOES THE PUPIL TIRE OF PRACTICING? Note the heighth (sic) of the piano stool, the lack of a foot-rest, the stooping shoulders, the strain upon the spine, the bad finger and arm positions, the distance of the eye from the notes, the bad position of the lamp on top of the piano, and remember that notwithstanding the teacher’s admonitions pupils will fall into these evils when the teacher is absent, unless the parent is properly instructed. Why not call the attention of all the parents of your pupils to this cartoon which shows exactly how not to sit at the piano? Read More

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