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Selected Content from the July 1904 Edition of The Etude

    VIENNA: The City of the Masters - European Centers of Music Study

    Who can ever estimate the contribution of Vienna to the art of music! Who can ever sing the praises of this marvelous city of Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, Gluck, and Brahms! At almost every street corner one can see the reasons for its greatness as a musical center. It lies in the public appreciation of music and musicians. With monuments, tablets, and innumerable other ways have the people shown their love for the great tone-art. Read More

    A Few Words With Professor Sevcik.

    A few years ago the name of Sevcik (pronounced Shave-chek) was known only to a few of his pupils. To-day he is one of the most-talked-of persons in the violin world, and holds a similar position to that of Marchesi… Read More

    Musical Items

    Richard Barth, conductor of the Hamburg, Germany, Philharmonic Concerts, will retire at the end of this season’s work. He was one of the few left-handed violinists who attained to eminence. An accident to his left hand after he had been studying the violin for a number of years prevented the free use of his fingers. Thereupon he readjusted his violin and took the bow in his left hand, and began his practice anew. Read More

    Recital Programs

    Pupils of Yankton College Conservatory of Music.Mendelssohn Program: Symphony in A Minor (8 hands); 0 For the Wings of a Dove (song); Sonata for Piano and Violin in F Minor; On Wings of Song (song); Concerto, Op. 25; Greeting, Spring… Read More

    The Physiology of Bowing.

    Under the title, “The Physiology of Bowing,” Dr. F. A.    Steinhausen, a German physician, has published a book which should be peculiarly interesting to all violinists. It is unfortunate, however, that the book is published in the German language,… Read More

    Special Notices

    WANTED—YOUNG LADY PIANIST, 28 TO 32; GOOD reader, agreeable appearance. Christian character and refinement appreciated. Some money an advantage. Occasional travel, moderate salary, or partnership. Send full particulars in first letter, with photograph, which will be returned. Address, Director, 426 Winthrop Avenue, Chicago. Read More

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