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Selected Content from the April 1909 Edition of The Etude

    The Etude Gallery of Musical Celebrities

    EDVARD GRIEG.(Greeg) Grieg was born June 15, 1843, at Bergen, Norway, where he died, September 4, 1907. His first instructor was his mother, a highly gifted musician. The influence of Ole Bull, the violinist, to whom the lad became passionately... Read More

    Special Notices

    THE STRICH & ZEIDLER PIANO, bought by me from you eight years ago, has given excellent satisfaction, has had much use and is in apparently as good condition as when purchased. W. J. Turner, Judge of Circuit Court, Milwaukee Court House Read More

    The Story Of Musical Prodigies

    Away back in the tenth century there existed, at the court of Charles the Bold, king of France, a pipe-organ. It was a very different instrument from the church organ of to-day. Its keyboard did not extend to two octaves, and each key was about five inches broad and six or seven inches long. Each key had to be pressed down about a dozen inches before the pipe would speak. The player pushed it down with his clenched fist. Yet this cumbrous organ was played with considerable effect by a youngster of nine years old, whose fingering, or rather “fisting,” was the wonder of the court. This is the earliest “musical prodigy” of which there is any historical record. Read More

    The Mother’s Part

    The position of the mother in the American home has been revolutionized by the American magazines for women. From the silent, submissive factor of our former American life she has been raised to a new station. Read More

    Getting Something For Nothing

    It seems impossible that there are still people who believe that they can “get something for nothing.” Read More

    Home Work vs. Practice

    Long distance educational advice is rarely profitable or advisable, but in some matters governmental control would be advantageous. Read More

    Salome And Musical Education

    Remarkable as Strauss’ music undoubtedly is, it must be admitted that its educational influence is limited to the large cities. His principal works require the machinery of the theatre and the employment of huge orchestras. Even the advanced musicians will find the pianoforte study of most of his scores tedious and aggravating. Read More

    The Retirement Of Sembrich

    During Mme. Sembrich’s artistic career in New York many singers have come and gone. Some of them have had phenomenal voices, others have been remarkable actors, but none has had this singer’s remarkable magnetism and personality, with the possible exception of Mme. Schuman-Heink. Read More

    Develop Your Own Individuality

    Teachers without attempting to create adapt the business methods of their rivals with the same boldness with which an oriole takes the nest that some other bird has worked to build. The imitator always loses in the end. Read More

    Respect Your Rival

    Doubtless one of the worst mistakes that the music teacher can make is that of openly underestimating his rival teachers. It almost always reflects upon the teacher himself, and the greater the animosity he arouses the more he will be injured. Read More

    Theodore Leschetizky on Modern Pianoforte Study

    As for technical development, have the Alkan etudes or the Don Juan Fantasie grown any easier with time? The quantity of piano-playing has increased, yes, more strive for a great technic; but as for the quality I do not see any improvement. Programs are many times entirely too long and too stereotyped. Let us hear more of the new things! Read More

    Recital Programs

    Music That Progressive Teachers Have Found Desirable Pupils of Ursuline College.Concerto, Op. 103, Saint-Saens; Echo, from the Partita, B minor, Bach; Shadow Dance, Op. 39, MacDowell; Theme. Op. 10, No. 5 (for the left hand alone), Pirkhert; Etude de Concert,… Read More

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