The Etude
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Selected Content from the October 1894 Edition of The Etude

    Special Notices.

    Notices for this column inserted at 3 cents a word for one insertion, payable in advance. Copy must be received by the 20th of the previous month to insure publication in the next number. Read More

    Concert Programmes.

    Recital programs from the Alton, Illinois, Conservatory; Boscobel College; Toronto (Canada) College of Music; and others. Read More

    Questions and Answers.

    J. F.—Yes; it is well to be studying more than one piece at a time. A pupil will learn two or three pieces which he studies during each practice period in about the same number of days as if he… Read More

    Musical Items.

    Puccini, the composer of “Manon,” was arrested as a spy at Malta a few weeks ago, because he was taking photographs near the fortifications. When his identity was discovered, the officers gave him a dinner. Read More

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