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Selected Content from the January 1915 Edition of The Etude

    Well Known Composers of To-day: Eugenio di Pirani

    Among other things, Mr. di Pirani, in his varied career, has acquired some amusing experiences. He related the following incident to an interviewer from Musical America some time ago: Read More

    The Outlook for the Young American Composer

    An interview with the Distinguished American Composer, MRS. H. H. A. BEACH Secured Especially for THE ETUDE by Mr. Edwin Hughes    [EDITOR’S NOTE—The following interview was secured by Mr. Edwin Hughes, the well known American pianist and teacher in… Read More


    By Wilbur Follett Unger   ONE of the greatest assets in the equipment of the young music student is the cultivation of observation. By means of this faculty he can save much time and trouble in the correction of… Read More

    Music Lover’s Digest. January, 1915.

    THE ETUDE’S monthly scrapbook of paragraphs worth re-reading, selected, perchance, from yesterdays mail, from the continent, the latest book, or from some old and rare tome, as the case may be, giving our readers the cream of reading from… Read More

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