The Etude
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Selected Content from the April 1922 Edition of The Etude

    The World of Music

    Felix Borowksi, Director of the Chicago College of Music, narrowly escaped death from a bullet fired by a pupil suddenly affected by some mental disorder which made him insane. … Radio Music which has been so much discussed in the press of late appears to be very much more successful in outlying districts than it does in metropolitan centres where it is said that the “interference” through cross currents is such that the results are very unsatisfactory. However, the genius big enough to devise the original apparatus will unquestionably not stop at a little matter of static interferences. Read More

    Some New Facts About the Creator of The Nocturne - JOHN FIELD of Dublin

    Secured for The Etude by the Eminent MusicologistW. H. GRATTAN FLOOD, Mus. Doc. K. S. G. Together with unique portraits of the composer and a newly discovered youthful composition. [Editor’s Note: William Henry Grattan Flood was born at Lismore, Ireland,… Read More

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