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Selected Content from the July 1920 Edition of The Etude

    Memories of Rubinstein and Liszt

    By the Great Russian Pianist-Teacher  ALEXANDER SILOTI [Editor’s Note.—The tragic end of Siloti, who recently, according to report, dropped dead from starvation in the streets of Moscow, ends the career of one of the greatest of present-day Russian pianists…. Read More

    Mary Garden - The “Know How” in the Art of Singing

    Mary Garden was born in Aberdeen. Scotland, but came to America with her parents when she was eight years of age and was brought up in Chicopee, Mass.; Hartford, Conn.; and Chicago, Ill. She studied violin, piano and voice in Chicago and then went to Paris where she became a pupil of Trabedello, Chevallier and Fugère. Since 1910 she has been connected with many of the greatest successes of the Chicago Grand Opera Company. Read More

    Johann Sebastian Bach - Secrets of the Success of Great Musicians

    The advent of a man of genius is not always an erratic phenomenon, but the combined result of his antecedents and of the character of his age and outward circumstances in which he developed. J. S. Bach was the child of a family who had for four generations cultivated music, not as a mere profession, but as an art, as the object of their lives, and his hereditary talent was fostered and turned into its peculiar channel by the spirit of the age in which he lived. Read More

    The Best Remedy I Have Ever Found for Nervousness in Public Performance

    THE ETUDE invited a group of well-known teachers to give us their opinions upon this subject. Of course, every teacher encounters nervousness in some form. Senor Alberto Jonas recounts, in "Great Pianists Upon Piano Playing," a method he uses… Read More

    Rossini at the Keyboard

    The world thinks of many of the great composers in the light of creators, but in reality many of them have also been very fine pianists. Massenet and Debussy are said to have been especially fine performers. An interesting… Read More

    Violin Questions Answered

    M. A.—Your only course is to send your violin to an expert for examination, and appraisal. You will find the names of several dealers in old violins in the advertising columns of The Etude, who can do this work… Read More

    Absolute Pitch for Violinists

    A correspondent writes to know whether it is necessary for a violin student to have the gift of "absolute pitch," in order to rise very high in the profession. First, let us consider the capacity of the ear to… Read More

    The Beginnings of Instruction in Organ Playing

    By George Henry Howard   There are few organ teachers, if any, who would not agree with the writer in declining to allow a student to begin organ lessons unless the prospective organ pupil had previously had at least… Read More

    The World of Music

    A. J. Goodrich, musical theorist, died in Paris, April 25th. Born in Ohio, 1848, he was a self-taught musician, except for a few lessons from his father. He taught music and theory at several of the western conservatories and… Read More

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