The Etude
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Selected Content from the August 1904 Edition of The Etude

    Home Notes

    Mrs. Gertrude Elizabeth McKellar, organist and choir director of the Thirteenth Street Presbyterian Church, New York City, is the first member of the fair sex to receive the Fellowship degree of the American Guild of Organists. She has been engaged for the Guilmant Organ School, New York City. Read More

    Special Notices

    Special Notices are inserted at a cost of five cents per word, cash with order. Do not have replies directed to this office. WANTED—A TEACHER OP PIANO; MUST HAVE HADextended experience. Address, Montana College, Bozeman, Montana, James Reid, President. VOCAL… Read More

    Questions and Answers

    We advise against a teacher, no matter how good a pianist, giving lessons on the violin without having given considerable study to its mastery. To become a good violin player requires more than a knowledge of music; the technic of violin-playing is very different from that required for the violin. Read More

    Musical Items

    The statement is made that Jean de Reszke will ask $40 per hour for instruction in his newly established school for singers. There will be four pupils in each class, each member receiving the lesson in rotation, the other three listening. This is certainly a high price to pay for the name of having received instruction from the great tenor. He has yet to prove that he is an instructor of the first rank. Read More

    Recital Programs

    Pupils of Mrs. C. E. Kelso.Fantasie, C Major, Handel; Jubilee Polonaise (4 hds), Horvath; The Swallows (song), Cowen; The Primrose, Ganschals; Caprice Gavotte (violin), Fischell; Barcarolle, Williams; Evening Song (4 hds.), Gurlitt; The Robin’s Lullaby, Krogmann; Lullaby of the Breeze,… Read More

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