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We all desire co-operation and equal interest between organists and music commit­tees, all working together for the good of the church. A few committees understand the requirements of good music; but there are many who do not. I breathe a silent prayer of thanksgiving, however, that there are only a few who live in the blissful state of ignorance recorded below.

I played one Sunday on trial (in every sense of the word) in a Boston church. The program of the services was printed on the calendar, and began, of course, with my voluntary, which was a “Canon.” At the conclusion of the service the chairman of the music committee came to me and said, in a hearty, appreciative voice: “You done noble, you done splen­did! That ‘Canon’ was great. I could hear the balls a-rollin’ round as plain as could be, and it was so real that I could almost see the firin’.”

Since then, when I have played that selection I have felt more like Napoleon on a war-horse than an organist struggling for fame and fortune.—Fay Sim­mons Davis.

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