The Etude
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Selected Content from the January 1906 Edition of The Etude

    Vincent d’Indy

    Vincent d’Indy was born at Paris, March 27, 1852. His family is aristocratic and wealthy; his father was an amateur violinist and was fond of music. D’Indy was brought up by his grandmother, Madame Theodore d’Indy, and it is due to her cultivated influence that his musical tastes were formed on serious lines. At the age of ten, he began piano lessons with Dièmer and harmony with Lavignac, both professors at the Paris Conservatory. These lessons lasted until 1865. Read More

    Schubert: The Education of the Masters

    Like Mozart, Schubert is commonly supposed to have had a mind for music and nothing else. In The Etude for October, however, I presented documentary evidence indicating that Mozart might have made his mark in other branches of intellectual activity had not music absorbed every minute of his time till he succumbed to the struggle for existence. In the present number I wish to show that Schubert, also, was a man with a more varied mentality than he usually gets credit for. Read More

    Musical Items.

    European correspondence reports that Paderewski has recovered from the nervous breakdown of a year ago. He is not to reappear in public until next March. He is, at present, busy on an opera, and has recently finished some important works,… Read More

    Home Notes

    The orchestra of the Broad St. Conservatory of Music, Phialdelphia (sic), gave a concert of popular music, under the direction of Mr. Combs,’ November 22d.   A recital by members of the faculty was given at the Sprankle Studio of… Read More

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