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Selected Content from the February 1903 Edition of The Etude

    Wagner on the Piano

    BY W. J. HENDERSON.   THE dust and turmoil of another season of music obscure the vision of music-lovers, not too clear at the best of times. Piano-virtuosi ravage the land with fire and the sword of technic, and… Read More

    Two English Composers of To-Day: Frederic H. Cowen & Edwin Elgar

    DR. FREDERIC H. COWEN, the busiest conductor in England, is an interesting personality. He has the same restraint of manner that distinguishes many of his countrymen, yet much enthusiasm and a marked gift of fluency of speech, directly and simply… Read More

    Recital Programs

    Pupils of Harry N. Wiley.Parade March (4 hands), Koelling. Marionettes, Rohde. Peasant’s Song, Rendano. May Has Come, Wittman. On the Swing, Margstein. Hungarian Song, Behr. Etude Polka, Schmoll. Consolation, Mendelssohn. Tannhäuser March, Wagner. Pupils of Frederick A. Williams.Minuetto, Op. 7… Read More

    Woman’s Work in Music

    One of the most serious conditions came to me through a pianist who asks me to present the subject without the mention of her name. It is that with which almost all clubs have to battle—the piano. Nothing can be more discouraging than to be asked to play and to know that certain selections cannot be thought of because the piano is in such a condition as to make it impossible. Read More

    The Soloist

    THE SOLOIST.1 In the January issue of The Etude, under the caption of “Three Fields of Labor,” we touched upon the violinist’s hopes, his aims, and his ambitions, hinting at present conditions in the United States, and promising to take… Read More

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